Extraordinary Weddings Unfold at Whitehall New Orleans

Top Wedding Venue Destination

“I do” marks the beginning of a beautiful journey. The next step on this wedding planning path is to discover the ideal venue for both the wedding ceremony and reception. When searching for “wedding venues near me,” schedule a tour with Whitehall New Orleans. Only 5 minutes from downtown New Orleans, our property can transform visions of your big day into reality.

Whitehall New Orleans specializes in crafting weddings as unique as your love. Nestled within the timeless embrace of a historic mansion, our enchanting wedding venue seamlessly blends indoor elegance and outdoor grandeur. Step inside to discover ornate rooms that await your creative touch to become the enchanting setting for your dream wedding.

Beyond the mansion’s walls, our vast grounds open up to reveal a cathedral of century-old oaks, forming a majestic canopy that casts dappled shadows upon the path to your wedding day. Nature and history intertwine here, creating the perfect canvas for your unforgettable wedding, a story that promises to be as timeless as the oaks themselves.

Whether your guest list requires a small intimate gathering or a grandeur wedding reception, Whitehall New Orleans simplifies the wedding planning process. Your friends and family will sure enjoy the attention to detail and delectable dining carefully selected from our wedding catering menus.

From Destination Weddings to Local Celebrations

In addition to its rich history and outstanding catering services, Whitehall New Orleans stands as the ideal destination for your dream wedding. Whether you’re considering a destination wedding or a local celebration, our venue offers a seamless experience from start to finish. From enchanting rehearsal dinners in our historic halls, to exchanging vows beneath the century-old oaks during your wedding ceremony, and celebrating with a grand reception, Whitehall New Orleans is designed to accommodate your every need.

Furthermore, our commitment to your special day extends to the morning after the wedding, where we can host a delightful brunch to cap off the celebration. Our picturesque location near the Mississippi River, the historical significance of our venue, and the dedicated staff ensure that your destination wedding at Whitehall New Orleans will be a truly unforgettable experience for both you and your guests.

Bridal Suite

Embark on your special day within the elegant confines of our beautifully adorned bridal suite, nestled at the rear of our historic mansion. As the soft glow of natural sunlight streams through the windows, it highlights the old-world ornamentation and grandeur of the ceilings, creating a serene and relaxed atmosphere for the bride and her entourage as they prepare for the ceremony.

The suite also offers the convenience of an attached washroom for last-minute touch-ups and a kitchen adjacent to it, ideal for serving light refreshments and beverages to keep everyone refreshed and energized throughout the preparations.

Wedding Ceremony Under Majestic Oaks

We offer the option of on-site ceremonies. Whitehall New Orleans is amongst the most beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony spots in New Orleans. Envision your wedding ceremony against the breathtaking backdrop of Whitehall New Orleans. Our venue’s inherent natural beauty can be elevated with the incorporation of candles, flowers, and rustic decor, ensuring a picturesque setting for your vows.

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